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Sustainable Plant Design specialises in designing and constructing Alfresco garden buildings, retaining walls, steps, paving, driveways, garage/shed construction, stone work, turf and plant establishment. 

Builder-Structural landscaper Lic 345518C

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Garden Design

Garden designs are personally tailored to your lifestyle and showcase plantings that are hardy, architectural and sustainable. Plant choice is carefully considered to complement your house and surroundings, together with inclusion of your individual favourites, fragrance, colour theme and garden style.

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Garden Renovation

Overgrown and neglected gardens are revitalised after assessment of the plant's health and vigour.

Renovation work in a historic garden is sympathetic to the era and style of your house, with a contemporary edge if requested! Natural materials such as rock or stone are selected, together with timber or metal structures to enhance outdoor areas. 


Retaining & Rock Walls

A Structural Landscaper is the only licensed builder to construct retaining walls higher than 600mm. Armidale Council requires all retaining walls to be approved by Council via a Complying Development Application or full Development Application. Get it done the right way with our licensed and insured team.


Concrete Paths & Driveways

Don't get caught with puddles in your driveway or wet feet on your path! We specialise in construction that provides correct drainage and elevations to blend with the surrounding ground levels and conditions.

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Outdoor Rooms & Pergolas

Start living the dream with a new Outdoor Kitchen, Covered Seating area or even a Media Room with big screen TV in a protected drop-down or lift-up box!

Using high quality locally grown turf we advise and instal the variety that is perfect for your garden purpose. Soil preparation is the key to longevity and health of your turf- we make sure drainage and soil fertility is achieved.


Irrigation Systems & Water Features

Automatic irrigation systems ensure lawn areas are watered efficiently and economically resulting in verdant green lawns. Irrigation systems are carefully designed and installed to suit all garden areas with automated controllers.


Turf & Planting


Shed Installation & Concrete Base

We advise on location, prepare and instal all sheds and shed bases. 

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